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Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life



The first time we visited the coastal town of Bar Harbor, in Maine,
we noticed the fruity smell that wafted through the streets.
We followed the scent, it led us to a bakery
We soon found out the blueberry pies were
so famous in this little town!


While in Hong Kong’s financial district,
one can easily find any busy day of the week
filled with vehicles and persons from all types of employment at work.


My place of sentimental rest and leisure is San Francisco.
The sights are just gorgeous, the town has history and weather is always cool anytime
of the year. We love to come back, hate to say goodbye to this city.


New York will overwhelm you but you’ve got to take it in
small portions to appreciate the city. One of its museums
here, is the MetropolitanMuseumofModernArt. a
huge collection of the best Egyptian gallery
that anyone must not miss when visiting the city.
And if your cup of tea is to energize in theatre,
Radio City is a wondrous means to celebrate the evening!



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