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Lessons My Mother Taught Me

I always knew that the world was a better place
because of my Mother.
Until the day she was gone. Then my world had crushed.
To me, she embraced everything that was pure, simple, precious
and pristine.
She loved birthdays, holidays, anniversaries,
all occasions and it was so important for her that
the whole family would get together, EVERY TIME!
She was a dedicated housewife, beloved mother and
Loving Grandma.
A Few Life’s Lessons I learned from Her:

1) FORGIVENESS, compassion, kindness and
Unconditional love: follow the Golden Rule
These were the ways a Mother displayed her love, and
her children knew it, we felt her love, appreciated it
and reciprocated. Her concern for us was her passion
and she helped us through our weaknesses.
2) I learned forbearance, to never give up
even with too many
bumps in the road, to pursue our BIG dreams.
3) Facing our fears – my Mother
showed us courage through all the
difficult years of raising eight children .
4) FUNNY – she loved ” I LOVE LUCY”
her favorite TV show which were
happy moments that put a smile on
my face
5) never FORGET to say “PLEASE”
and “THANK YOU”. Gratitude expresses a feeling of joy from
the recipient, it’s always nice
to let the giver know …


“For to His angels He’s given a command
To guard you in all your ways
Upon their hands they will bear you up
Lest you dash your foot against a stone .”
-from “On Eagles’ Wings”


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