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Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

I Left My heart in San
Francisco, Again ( Sigh )

Everyone knows the famous Painted Ladies,
the row of pastel colored
Victorian homes that have been
on every postcard.
Across the hilly Alamo Square,
tourists sit for hours gazing
at the view….



Or, someone may meander
and find that gorgeous home
with exquisite taste and
a globe on top! Perhaps
even embellished attics .


What is San Francisco without
her aesthetic, drop- dead knockout
I just feel like the seagull, perched
on top of the ledge.
The sky is blue, view is pretty perfect
and it’s heaven on earth right
where it is!


3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

  1. San Francisco makes you see life with fresh eyes and perspective. And yes, I too left a piece of my heart there. It’s one of those places in the world where one feel like “you’re on top of the world.” Elated, happy, excited!

    1. Yes, I.T.
      I couldn’t agree more… There are too many choices where we
      could be “on top of the world” and definitely, San Fran is on top
      of that long list!
      So honored you could stop by 🙂 atureaud.

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