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Weekly Writing Challenge: A Lost Art

Building a Bird’s Nest

Not all birds need a nest to incubate their eggs
but the hummingbirds by
far, continue to surprise man with their
creative art of nest building!
In our present day where everything
is often times custom made, our preference for nature
is always the best option, for conservation and
appreciation of simple beauty.

Just try to picture this: the female hummingbird
scrapes and sculpts with its beak
a nest, then stabilizes it
just so it’s insulated and protected
from harm’s way for her eggs. The
parent lovingly weaves gobs of
saliva, twigs and a little bit of magic
dust, forms a cup and holds it
together. The mother bird
takes her spit and does this
process over and over again.
The nest is ready! Eyes have
not seen perfection, a warm
crib for babies!


photo credit by e.s.tureaud


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