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       A  Keeper of Memories

A Keeper of Memories

In the ultra modern city of Shanghai, we explored this beautiful town of Xintiandi.
This was the site of the first congress of the Communist Party of China.
This desk shown here,contains residuals of that era
photograph, a vase, oil lamp, papers and furniture…
Some of the homes have been preserved as museums, some have not..
The neighborhood has been re-developed since 1999- 2001
and the urban renewal has transformed the
town into sprouting cafes, restaurants and boutiques.


2 thoughts on “WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: Containers

  1. We absolutely loved our visit to Shanghai last year and were astounded especially by the dichotomy of the modern city and the ancient neighborhoods. Thanks for the reminder of a wonderful memory!

    1. Grateful for your visit Tina S.!
      I would love to be back in Shanghai, to see a friend who showed me the lovely city- it’s paradox of old and new life. There is still so much to unravel ….

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