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Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone, But Not Forgotten

Testimony to our Heroes

“… In today’s challenge ,
show us what ‘gone , but
not forgotten’ means to you…”


During a business trip to New York,
we planned a poignant visit to the
9-11 Memorial . The visit was somber
but it was the most impressive
highlight of
our trip…The Memorial and
9-11 National Museum
is a curative collaboration to
preserve the precious memory
of those who perished, recovered
or survived from the September 11
2001 tragedy. All the honorable
brave firemen, police officers,
pilots and stewardesses and
extraordinary citizens doing their
daily jobs that historic day became
heroes . It is a testimony to all fallen
soldiers who defend our country
– we all embrace you with this
Memorial that stands for rebirth…

IMG_3935.JPG photo credit e.s. tureaud
Heroes’ Memorial

Steel fragment from
the North Tower

This is the staircase that connected
the northern edge of the World
Trade Center to the sidewalk.


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