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Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed


Five Afternoon Shadow

…”Experimenting with shadows can
be a fun and rewarding way to push
yourself to try something new with
your camera and your surroundings,
and look beyond the obvious shot..”

The sanctuary for most fans of
impressionists is the Musee D’Orsay.
It is a haven of the greatest
collection of impressionist paintings.
The room is five floors above, truly a
heavenly place. The Minute you
enter, you will be blown away, YES,
unbelievable timeless
beauty! Space and time stands
still together, no one ever wants
to leave…

I wanted to capture the landscapes
with the timepiece, but failed miserably after three attempts. I
tried taking the scene with the crowds,
and the photo above is the result.
Sometimes, the results are unexpected, as Ms Jen Hooks states
“.. it can be fun experimenting…”


The Eiffel

The skies are grey, and the people’s
hearts are grieving in all of France…
I took this shot at the base of the
Eiffel Tower a few days ago, right
before a downpour…
There are silver linings around the
grey clouds, while our hearts remain
united with the peacemakers..


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