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Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

Size Matterz

“…This week share an image that
highlights a size relationship…”
– Michelle W.

It’s been an absolutely
fascinating month so far!
Last week’s challenge was about
depth, demonstrating images that
expressed volume .
For this week’s theme, presents SCALE
defined as , a proportion between two sets of dimensions
(as between those of a drawing and
it’s original ).
To introduce this theme, I would like to share with you
a bird’s eye view of Palace the Louvre


A colossal painting of Paolo Callieri’s ” The Wedding
Feast at Cana” is a famous meticulous
Renaissance displayed at the Louvre Museum.
With a height of 2.5 meters, it is one of the more
famous attractions at the galleries, next to the Mona Lisa.


A special mention, is always a favorite subject
In one of my other blogs: little Boy Blue.
Here he is passing by the L’Hotel Invalides, following behind
The Lady with a Stroller.



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