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WPC: Orange You Glad it’s Photo Challenge Time?

a Palette of Orange Optics

Thank you, Michelle W. for granting us an opportunity
to express our passion in sharing the love for this
weeks’ theme! Sunset Crews adores all shades
of orange, specially when it pertains to the magnificent
glorious sun and all it’s radiance ….


The orange palette varies from the aggressive
version, like russet, or even copper or somewhat,
caramel or tan…. Then the yellowish tones are
so mellow and relaxing they just feel so
like “Spring” such as marigold, dahlia or
butternut .


Vermillion just warms the heart…
Gives comfort, friendship, a charmer and a
joy to the home…


“Sunglow” at the #Louvre


a Tangerine #Citroen. I salute the French when it comes
to style~ even their tour groups ride in glamorous cars!



In a painting at the # Louvre Gallery, Raffaello Santi
illustrates the cloak of St. Joseph in a diminutive shade of Orange.
It is beautifully quoted by Vincent Van Gogh to appreciate this :

“There is no blue, without yellow , and without orange.”


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