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Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall

The Wall from 80 feet Underground ~

“…Share an image of a wall that reveals 

something about a place, people ,

or you…” ~ Cheri Lucas Rowlands


-a segment of the slurry wall from the

National September 11 Museum,WTC

The World Trade Center  was built with a

a slurry wall , called a “retaining wall”

to prevent the Hudson River from flooding 

the basement levels of the Towers.

At its deepest point, the slurry trench reached

up to 80 feet into bedrock underground .

Any perforation or injury to this slurry wall 

would have resulted in possible 

inundated New York subways and

exponential increased fatalities on

September 11… This Wall did not

collapse but remains, unequivocally a TRUE

TESTAMENT of America’s resiliency, her 

undeterred FAITH in rising from

the ashes of  the darkest hours of that 

tragically catastrophic day…

“The strength of walls depends on the

courage of those who guard them.”

      ~ Genghis Khan

At present, the restoration of these 

retaining walls are part of the National September 11 Museum.

Three 20 foot panels are included in the

Museum display and are supported by

Steel cables from the interior, instead of 

the previous Twin Towers basement…


2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall

  1. A perfect choice for this week’s challenge. I was so moved by the walls and so amazed that they held the river – you’re right, quite a testament. I hope everyone goes to that museum, it’s so profoundly moving.

    1. Yes indeed, the 9-11 Memorial and Museum
      is a must see for everyone… Have to say,
      Emotional one, but so insightful in many ways. Thank you so much Tina !

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