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Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat

  • Victory    Afloats

Nike, 2015

This photo metaphorically represents the

Goddess Nike, descending from the skies

to the prow of her battleship.  Every visitor

at the #Louvre Gallery, will not miss

this colossal Hellenistic statue.  It is an

exquisite beautiful sculpture, the marble

depicts sharp details of the flowing draped

Victory while standing proud.   

Lotuses at Yuyuan Garden, 2012

The Summer of  2012 brought us to Shanghai.

It was an amazing visit with dear friends~

we spent our last few hours here at the

Garden. The lotuses were so vibrantly green

and afloat in full bloom! Nature is always

ephemerally transitioning in stages…  

Boats , Morro Bay ,2013


“…Life is an Ocean and love it a boat

In troubled waters, it keeps us afloat 

When we started the voyage

There was just me and you

Now gathered around us we have our

own crew. Together we’re in this

relationship…”~~~ John McDermott 


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