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Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird

Daybreak at Amboise 

Blue Skies, Loire Valley, 2015


“…For this week’s challenge, get up early and explore the morning light.”

-Brie Anne Demkiw

The early bird is a great motivator for

a goal in mind: we had great, G R E A T

expectations for the day!  We set out for 

an early rise in this idyllic, charming town

of Amboise to explore a castle, the

Chateau of King Francis I.    

Gardens at the Castle, Amboise, 2015

The  festive holidays were still on display in

the garden during our winter excursion.

We were excited to discover that a famous

celebrity was a guest invited by King

Francis to live here… Notice his statue from

the background? 

St. Hubert’s Chapel, Amboise, 2015

This is the Chapel where Leonardo 

Da Vinci is buried… The summit has 

magnificent, unobstructed views of the city.

The most flawless, perfect place for Leonardo.

The day continued to be ravishingly beautiful,

there was so much more to explore…


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