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Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

Infusions of Motions

This week, Jen Hooks challenges bloggers 

to share photos that conjure motion 

and narrate the stories behind the images.


Flight, Lake Balboa, 2013

“In order to arrive at knowledge of the

motions of birds in the air,

It is first necessary to acquire knowledge of

 the winds, which we will prove by the

motions of water in itself…” ~

Leonardo da Vinci

I spent a completely calm afternoon 

at the Lake when I was watching the birds.

Undoubtedly, the most graceful, elegant

and curved motions of the beautiful swan

engrossed me.  The flight of the egrets was

as enthralling, there are only a few of them 


Beauty, Lake Balboa, 2013

Like the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, it’s the 

White Swan that everyone seeks out…

Just look at the gentle ripples she makes,

while she glides confidently. The ducks 

are stodgy and awkwardly moving about,

seemingly the comedic relief 😊


White Foam,Moonstone Beach, 2014

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