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  Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate

              Our Lady of Paris

“Intricate ” is from the Latin word: intricatus

or the past particle of  intricare , to entangle,

+ tricae  “trifles” or complications.

Main West. Entrance, Notre Dame, Paris, 2015

Being a fan of history, one can’t help but

put herself in significant landmarks 

and feel surreal.  I may regret many things,

but from sixteen years ago, the first time

I came to see Notre Dame, the Cathedral

was closed for construction in preparation 

for the millennium… I was absolutely infuriated!

I was so fortunate to be back 😍 !!!

The Notre Dame is  THE  archetypal 

monument with a complicated historical conundrum. 

The Rosette, Notre Dame,2015

The cathedral begun its construction in

the 1160’s and continued to the 13th century.

There were destructions, during the war,

historical interventions and more

modifications proceeded throughout

the next 14th century…

Mary and a Labyrinth of Glass, 2015

The stained glass windows elaborately

portray vivid, colors and sophisticated 

designs.  The rosette transept is mostly


Each section of the French Gothic Cathedral 

has an intricate, detailed aspect beautifully 

inspirational.  Sadly, some of them are not

open to the public.

framework of Notre Dame with the famous flying buttreses, 2015

Our Lady of Paris, 2015


“History is an intricate web of timing,

people, circumstances, and serendipity,”

~ Don Rittner


4 thoughts on “  Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate

  1. The workmanship in these cathedrals, palaces, etc., even “simply” older buildings is breath-taking. Of course, they kept labor costs artificially low and often took many, many years to build. 🙂


    1. Totally agree! Isn’t it amazing? All crafted superbly with their hands and tools, thus , quality was ensured though time wasn’t
      ideal… Go grateful for your visit 😊
      Thanks so much!

      1. While I don’t expect this level of intricacy now, pride in workmanship would be appreciated. So many buildings are not built well and with attention to quality and details.

      2. We live in an intricate world… enjoying many
        cultures of various colors… 😎life is wonderful! Thank you to all you bloggers
        for your visit, Always appreciate it!

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