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Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Way

          I love Paris, let me count the ways …

           For this week’s challenge, Michelle W.

states ” Show us something stunning others

might have missed, or find some unexpected 

beauty  in a mundane moment.”

With every breadth, depth, height and passion

that one’s heart may  seek, #Paris , the City

of Lights,  is a destination always besotted…

Shall we say, it’s not just the romance, but

the magnetic attraction for  every type of adventure!

Stolen Kiss on River Seine, 2015

There are various ways to traverse any city,

in any country ~ but our preferred route is

the open, audio-guided Hop on Hop off

Tour Bus… We would recommend it for its

reliability, convenience, great rates, best of

of all, the gold standard for tour Buses:

exceptionally, amazing views from our

seats on the open- bus tours.  We were brave

enough to tolerate the winter cold along

the Champs Élysées Boulevard … 

The sights are breathtaking, enourmously

overwhelming to take in all at one time !

Paris Lantern, 2015

Tourists get hungry too…the choices and

options are more than you can ever imagine!

The difficulty we found was,  every place had

intensely, great tasting menus!   

Alfresco in Paris, 2015
Walking up the path towards the Sacre Coeur,

may be steep, but here’s what we discovered:


Nope, we didn’t get to try the crepes… 

Unfortunately, it was closed. 😔

Finally, reaching our destination, we took

our series of photos outside… Then lit our


Candlight and a Prayer, 2015

I will love the light for it shows me the way,
yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars.
~ Og  Mandino   



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