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Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid

               Picturesesque Picks

Some people have vivid imagination,
some not so vivid, but everybody 
has vivid dreams. ~ Stephen Laberge

          For this week’s challenge, Lignum

Draco poses this theme “Vivid ” to bloggers.


Emotionally,  our vivid senses capture COLOR:

Red Door on the Underground,2015


 One of the most fun trips we have had was

onboard the interstate train towards our

destination  to Penrith, Cumbria. Trust me, 

the color brand of Virgin Atlantic is 

proudly emblazoned on the largest part of

the train, no one can miss that ! 

All Aboard for Penrith, 2015

Another picturesque memory is a trip  to the

Auguste Rodin Museum in Paris.  He has

several  collections of artworks here, my

favorites are featured on previous blogs.

Here are a few more… 

Rodin’s Villa in Paris, 2015
Despite the absence of color in the foliage,

the focus  lies entirely on the subject  on the

foreground .   The lady with the vase is a

beautiful masterpiece,  such an amazing 

attraction in these vast gardens. 

The Lady with a Vase, 2015
Colors come alive with vibrancy in this

memorable place from Balboa Park in San 

Diego. The Jacaranda tree starts to bloom 

in the spring and lasts until the summer.


Purple Trees,2015
Noon at Balboa Park, 2015


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