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Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse

                 Glimpses of Paradise 

Brie Anne Demkiw invites us to show  what

is our Muse… 

        Perfect serendipity!  How fortunate and so

effortless that  this situation creates itself…

we’re at present ,  in search for  my Muse…

returning to Paradise.   The place where

I can imagine, dream, be inspired, rejuvenate,

romance, meditate and  re- learn life’s lessons. 

The Road to Paradise, Kauai,2015
Hawaii  is not just a place I love to  capture 

in  photos and have posted  three times

in my blogs ~ it is  a beloved  meaningful 

venue close to our hearts!  We got

married in Maui, Hawaii!💕

Blue Island, Kauai, 2015

We return here to the islands so often ~

For a retreat, a renewal… Nature  offers so

much, the joy is overwhelming, we both

become emotionally  grateful for all that we

are surrounded with… 

Wailua River, 2015

  Muse’s creations are predominantly
lyrical often resulting
in poetic sonnets
and fairytale like art.
Earl Coleman  


Waimea Canyon, 2015

Don’t keep your Muse 
locked up in the closet.
Set them free
to dance across the page
and what they create
will be a masterpiece.
~ Michelle C. Hillstrom


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