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Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected

                            One Thread

        Ben H. inspires us with a challenge this week:  “show us how two (or more) things-  people, objects, places- come together.”


Spring Soiree, 2015
            We all crave for company… No one plans EVER to be an island.  The world has become smaller, yet, alienation still exists in some ways… Are we constructing far too many walls as opposed to putting more bridges to close the gaps…is getting too close not kosher for me and you ?

What is relevant to us without decent communication?  Shouldn’t our words and meaningful language improve our connection through the years?

The Rosetta, British Museum, 2015

Learn how to see, Realize that everything connects to everything else.
~Leonardo  da  Vinci

The Rosetta Stone is a significant artifact. It unites people together around a symbolic         historical relic. 

Mind the Gap, Florida, 2015

Let yourself rule and be ruled by strings or these emanations that connect everything together.

~ John Ashbery

Engaging in emotional and physical connection may be complicated. In this present technology, there are various choices of social media to stay connected, in terms of time and space, only, financial could wiggle you out of the discussion.  As long as the bridge is left wide open, friendships may lead to amazing, lasting , commitments…


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