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Weekly Photo Challenge:  Extraordinary 

           Exceptionally Amazing 


          In our recent trip to Kaua’i last summer, I had an extraordinary experience  unusually wonderful!  Kaua’i is my image of paradise ~ serenely stunning!  The wettest areas of the island are  pristinely green filled with lush trees and abundantly decorated with the most colorful and prettiest flowers : orchids, hibiscus, anthuriums, jasmines and so forth… Absolutely nothing ordinary about this place …. 

Along the  Koloa coast, we stopped at the exceptionally amazing blowhole…


Blowhole, Kaua’i, 2015
The Spouting Horn, Kaua’i, 2015

A blowhole is a natural phenomenon caused by a rush of water bursting thru a small opening at the surface.  Sometimes, wave after another and more, cause the spurts to rise fifty feet.  The thrill and  drama watching is exciting from afar,  never come too close ~ that’ll be dangerous or fatally scary.

Small Spurts, Kaua’i, 2015

I waste every breath of my life trying to be the best nobody has ever been.

~ Unarine Ramaru

Big Spurts, Kaua’i, 2015

I am an ordinary person with extraordinary curiosity.

~ Lailah  Gifty  Akita 


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