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Weekly Photo Challenge: Treat

Food of the Gods
I used to think Mondays were the most stressful day of the week.  Apparently , the experts claim it’s Tuesdays!    (Here’s How to Get Through It BY LILY HERMAN 3/31/15 AT 10:51 AM This Is the Most Stressful Time of the Week, Says Science. )

Fortunately, I take my day-off  that time of the week, catch my breath… Time to give myself a real TREAT 💞

Decadence, Norma’s NYC, 2012

Breakfast is a great start… This is the day~ to explore the menu and  ignore the calories . Why not?  Enjoying a little decadence once in a  while won’t hurt… (there’s a lot to share with someone, much more fun, too)

And then there will be dinner :

Iron Chef’s Choice, Oahu, 2013

Finally, we can push our luck further for  dessert…

Anniversary Delight , Princess Cruise, 2012
Indulgence is a great comfort ….I look forward to more days like this one 😊

Be gentle first with yourself if you wish to be gentle with others.

~ Lama Yeshe


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