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Weekly Photo Challenge : Ornate

Embellished Art

                 Ben H. Writes : ” Forget about subdued and restrained. This week, let’s embrace the breathtakingly, extravagant.”

The first thought that comes to mind is Victorian Architecture = Ornate.

Nap & Hop into the Eurostar, St. Pancras, London, 2015

The expansive size of the Hotel is attractive, the brick red-orange color along the block of King’s Cross surely will draw even more awareness … This Hotel was designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott, for the guests of the St. Pancras Train Station nearby. The hotel is luxuriously designed in gold-leaf ceilings, Gothic / Victorian fairytale motif , ostentatiously serviced to fulfill every guests’ comfort and needs before embarking on their next journey…

Embracing Time, British Museum, 2015

Curious visitors were awed at this marvelous mechanical clock displayed at the British Museum.  We watched the ball traverse from one end, to the other, and the three gears above shifted , the hour, minutes and seconds.

The Congreve Clock is fascinating, decorative, and intriguing…

It was invented by Sir William Congreve, utilizing a ball rather than a pendulum to zig-zag a tilted platform. It takes one minute -15 seconds  to move the clock’s hand to the minute, as you can tell, not really accurate… (Wikipedia)

Have more than you show, Speak less than you know.

~ William Shakespeare, “King Lear”


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