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Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio


                  POWER OF THREE


After a most challenging week the world has ever been through last week, we have a wonderful respite with Cheri R.’s invite: “What comes in threes?”

2015-01-03 18.41.08

Nereid Monument, The British Museum, 2015


The power of three is an element of Greek mythogy as seen in sculptures, for example, as displayed here at the British Museum.  This is a reconstruction of the  Nereid Monument, c.390 B.C. The monument is actually, a sculptured tomb, built like a temple.


2015-01-03 18.43.13
Sea Nymphs, The British Museum, 2015

The three nereids are sea-nymphs, daughters of Nereas, the God of the Sea.  These female sculpted figures draped in soaked linens, are believed to guide the souls to the afterlife…these faceless gray-yellowish characters seem to float above the pedestal in their surrealistic art form. Words do not suffice to describe its beauty,  every visitor gazes enraptured at all three Nereids.



 There is something magical about three you know ~ a trio is tight and nicely economical .

~ Ian Williams



5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio

    1. Many thanks Jane Lurie for your wonderful comments! I must say the
      sculptures are extremely beautiful ~ wish we had more time to see more…
      So grateful for your visit!

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