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Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition 

Eventually, A River Runs Through It”


    Jen H. offers bloggers to “share an image that depicts transition “… 

Colors of Fall , Multnoma Falls, Oregon, 2015


Our Thanksgiving visit to Oregon this week,  took us on an absolutely stunning tour of  Mother Nature’s wonders. 

Cascade, Multnoma Falls, Oregon, 2015

The Mulnoma Falls in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon, has an upper Falls which drops to 542 feet, and the lower Falls that has a drop of 69 feet.  Ultimately, the Falls lead to other tributaries that are as beautiful… 


Stream, Multnoma Falls, 2015

The cascading waters of the Falls decrease its flow,  and merge into  inlets, a serene creek,  and transitions into a trickle.

Trickle , Multnoma Falls, 2015

 Eventually,  all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.

~ Norman McLean “A River Runs Through It and other Stories”


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