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Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry on Top

Schmaltzy succulent agave plants and other bulbs give life to the lovely freeway skyline.


The Artist, Robert Irwin designed the garden at the Getty. I have come to my favorite museum in LA more than four times, and each time, the Garden looks more stunningly beautiful than the last time! It would be so easy to focus on the bougainvillea trellis as the cherry on top  which makes the Garden so attractive, but, actually, every detail, has real beauty of its own.

Red Trellis (Getty Center, 2016)
The artist intended that the landscape would invite visitors to meditate, reflect on walkways toward streams, awaken the senses and appreciate nature. Truth is, every step one takes, wonderment continues to unfold.

Red and Green Lattice (Getty Center, 2016)
I promise, your visit will be as glorious, shall I dare say, really impressive?  Surely, let nature take its course.



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