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Weekly Photo Challenge:    Names Empower 

Names have power.

~ from “The Lightning Thief”

By Rick Riordan

             Names are hugely important, they designate each person, property, animal, location, and other possible possessions we’d like to uniquely differentiate. Names define personality, character, beauty, substance, and essentially, authenticity.

There are some trips one never forgets, one of them was the time we unveiled the sacred place where Leonardo da Vinci was laid to rest. Amboise may be off the beaten path from the city-lights of Paris, yet in a good way! It’s the wonderfully picturesque town that captures your heart, actually, allured The Maestro to his retirement place…

Maestro, Amboise, France, 2015

Some hefty machines are powerfully designed and identified explicitly to function for significantly long journeys. With such high importance, names give recognition for their purpose .

Extreme Speed, London, 2015
Perfection!, Scottsdale, Arizona, 2016

             My breakfast is just one of the highlights of my morning, and getting it right starts with perfect “over – easy”, sunny side eggs just turned over. And this restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona absolutely got it right !

“Names and attributes must be accommodated to the essence of things, and not the essence to the name since things came first and names came afterwards.”

~ by Galileo Galilei, ” Discoveries and Opinions of Galileo”


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