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Weekly Photo Challenge:      The Road Taken

    Road Warriors 

A respite from the grueling week makes it imperative to decompress the mind and feed the heart, soul and spirit with nature, truth and beauty. These are basic goals for my spouse and myself, to take a zippy ride on the road…

Road to the Falls, 2017

I can’t explain it, except, it’s a liberating experience, driving out from the city to the open- space road. We always have the high expectations of  encountering uniquely magnificent discoveries!

Light , 2017

With a O% precipitation and 30% chance of rain,( was begging for us to be on the road to Central Coast, and the outcome was astounding!

Four Hogs & A Burro,2017

An enormously, long period of drought in California, dried out hillsides and foliage tawdry and wilted. Today, we witnessed endless miles of velvet green on mountains, seventy shades of insanely beautiful green on the wayside, trees, hills and vales.

Jalama Beach, 2017
Mustard Flowers, Jalama,2017
Jalama Daisies, 2017

The rewards are immeasurable… any road trip is always different from the last time even if it could lead to the same place…As a famous poet once stated:

…the journey ,

Not the destination matters.

~ T.S. Elliot

Red Road Warrior, 2017

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