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Weekly Photo Challenge: Time

            Ripples through Time 

Strolling on the Beach, Port Hueneme, 2015

We are here but for a second, but our impact ripples through time.

~ Neetal Parekh

           The greatest most ethereal element, is TIME. How many regrets I have spent, realizing I wasted days, weeks… perhaps, chances, gone forever? No use living in the past I say, cherish the beauty in every moment, there is much more to accomplish today and to look forward to the future…

It’s Big Ben , London, 2015

 Human says time goes by ~

Time says human goes by … 


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Alphabet 

                      PLAN A, B or C

      Michelle W.  offers us a whimsy interlude into basics, the alphabet!  “This week, let the alphabet be your inspiration: find a string of letters…”


More than Words…, Mutianyu Great Wall of China, 2012
Before we embarked on the long, long,hike up the Great Wall of the Mutianyu trail, I took a  serious view at the landscape and this sign.

I advise capturing photos of signs when you’re traveling ~ one never knows the hidden message behind it…ūüėČ

If Plan A didn’t work 

the alphabet has 25 more letters.

~Jake Jenkins 

Comfort & Joy, Montreal,2014

I cannot recall the name of this restaurant, but it was the warmest, brightest, refuge we could find that cold snowy night in Montreal. Rue St. Michel looked gorgeous in silvery/blue, two of us just couldn’t stay long enough to enjoy the show…’tho, these neon alphabet letters look pretty festive, our warm food and hot soup offered us tons of calmness & comfort.

A picture’s worth a thousand words But a single word can make you think of over a thousand pictures in your mind, over a thousand moments, a thousand memories.

~ Rebecca  McNutt, Smog City

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle

      The Roundabout with Circles 

       Definitely, Geometry was never my favorite subject in school, ever… How does it become relevant to me in my mundane life ? I suppose, reading this article somewhere illustrating how to decorate your house, regarding shapes, angles and distances of carpet you’ll need, how large a sofa to fit in the living room and so forth… 

And there is a circle.  Well, that’s the perfect shape, in feng shui, as reported. Productivity and prosperity continuously flow, so it’s recommended to furnish round objects throughout the home to maintain the chi, or energy. 

Half a Minute,Paris,2015

Absolutely, this clock is not going to squeeze into your home ~ it perfectly does inside the Museum of D’Orsay, a most beloved treasure! This is a re-post from the Musee D’Orsay Gallery , a vignette of the famous clock. Fortunately, I had half a minute to take a photo before everyone else did.

The Concorde, Paris,2015

Historical events have taken place at this location. The newest addition, a replica of “the eye”, appears to be an aesthetic appeal adjacent to the Luxor….


Bright Round, Yellow Sundown, Redwoods,2015

Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to enhance all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.

~ Albert Einstein , 1950 ( New York Times)

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Eye Spy


        The soul expresses itself vividly through the eyes , one can be transparent and reveal so much of one’s emotions, on the other hand, others may be reticent, hiding behind a wall.


Furtive Glance, Kuau’i, 2015
Do you suppose , animals display emotions?  It would be possible, most likely , with our domesticated pets, eventually assuming some of our human traits or personality …

An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.

~ Martin Buber

Whimsy, 2015

On the other hand, there are huge inanimate displays of  emotions too~ as in the Taurus, the bull. A figure of  fierce, stubborn tenacity … 

Feirce, On the Bund, Shanghai, 2012

As long as I am breathing, in my eyes,

I am just beginning .
~ Criss Jami

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition 

Eventually, A River Runs Through It”


    Jen H. offers bloggers to “share an image that depicts transition “… 

Colors of Fall , Multnoma Falls, Oregon, 2015


Our Thanksgiving visit to Oregon this week,  took us on an absolutely stunning tour of  Mother Nature’s wonders. 

Cascade, Multnoma Falls, Oregon, 2015

The Mulnoma Falls in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon, has an upper Falls which drops to 542 feet, and the lower Falls that has a drop of 69 feet.  Ultimately, the Falls lead to other tributaries that are as beautiful… 


Stream, Multnoma Falls, 2015

The cascading waters of the Falls decrease its flow,  and merge into  inlets, a serene creek,  and transitions into a trickle.

Trickle , Multnoma Falls, 2015

 Eventually,  all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.

~ Norman McLean “A River Runs Through It and other Stories”

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio


                  POWER OF THREE


After a most challenging week the world has ever been through last week, we have a wonderful respite with Cheri R.’s invite: “What comes in threes?”

2015-01-03 18.41.08

Nereid Monument, The British Museum, 2015


The power of three is an element of Greek mythogy as seen in sculptures, for example, as displayed here at the British Museum.  This is a reconstruction of the  Nereid Monument, c.390 B.C. The monument is actually, a sculptured tomb, built like a temple.


2015-01-03 18.43.13
Sea Nymphs, The British Museum, 2015

The three nereids are sea-nymphs, daughters of Nereas, the God of the Sea.  These female sculpted figures draped in soaked linens, are believed to guide the souls to the afterlife…these faceless gray-yellowish characters seem to float above the pedestal in their surrealistic art form. Words do not suffice to describe its beauty,  every visitor gazes enraptured at all three Nereids.



 There is something magical about three you know ~ a trio is tight and nicely economical .

~ Ian Williams


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Weekly Photo Challenge : Ornate

Embellished Art

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Ben H. Writes : ” Forget about subdued and restrained. This week, let’s embrace the breathtakingly, extravagant.”

The first thought that comes to mind is Victorian Architecture = Ornate.

Nap & Hop into the Eurostar, St. Pancras, London, 2015

The expansive size of the Hotel is attractive, the brick red-orange color along the block of King’s Cross surely will draw even more awareness … This Hotel was designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott, for the guests of the St. Pancras Train Station nearby. The hotel is luxuriously designed in gold-leaf ceilings, Gothic / Victorian fairytale motif , ostentatiously serviced to fulfill every guests’ comfort and needs before embarking on their next journey…

Embracing Time, British Museum, 2015

Curious visitors were awed at this marvelous mechanical clock displayed at the British Museum.  We watched the ball traverse from one end, to the other, and the three gears above shifted , the hour, minutes and seconds.

The Congreve Clock is fascinating, decorative, and intriguing…

It was invented by Sir William¬†Congreve, utilizing a ball rather than a pendulum to zig-zag a tilted platform. It takes one minute -15 seconds ¬†to move the clock’s hand to the minute, as you can tell, not really accurate… (Wikipedia)

Have more than you show, Speak less than you know.

~ William Shakespeare, “King Lear”